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This site includes resources for using Wanda Teays' book, Seeing The Light: Exploring Ethics Through Movies, along with some great extras.  Here you'll find:

Resources for Instructors using the book as a text in courses, including lecture PowerPoint slides; a variety of essay assignments; discussion questions; suggestions for further reading (on both ethics and film); tips on how to use movie reviews; and more.

Resources for Students, Film Groups and others, including information on how to use the book; links to IMBD movie pages; interviews with directors, writers, and actors; guiding questions; and more.

Seeing The Light: Exploring Ethics Through Movies






Can we learn anything about ethics from watching and thinking about movies? We can and we do!  

This book will take you through some recent and classic films to see just how.

From Blade Runner to  Terminator, Groundhog Day to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes; District 9 to World War Z; The Godfather to Michael Clayton, movies are alive with resonance  and relevance to our lives. 

Movies provide a space for exploration into the realm of ideas. They bring ethical dilemmas to light, allowing us to reflect on the reasoning behind moral choices and actions.

From the heroes to the villains, we are drawn in as they face dilemmas and take action. 

In this way movies allow us to venture into a plane of experience  as the story on the screen unfolds. They can be deeply meaningful in the ways they inform our attitudes and  judgments. 

So make use of the book and this website to begin your own exploration into ethics and movies. and a way to reflect on the values that guide our moral decision-making. You may be surprised to learn what movies can bring to light.



Wanda Teays


SEEING THE LIGHT: Exploring Ethics Through Movies (Wiley, 2013)
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BUSINESS ETHICS THROUGH MOVIES: A Case Study Approach (Wiley, 2015)
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GLOBAL BIOETHICS AND HUMAN RIGHTS: Contemporary Issues (Rowman & LIttlefield, 2015) 
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